Webinar on Thursday, 2/15: Basic Internal Troubleshooting Tools for MySQL Server

  • From: emily@percona.com
  • Date: 2018-02-14 12:19:18
Please attend our upcoming webinar on "Basic Internal Troubleshooting Tools for MySQL Server" 2/15 at 10AM PST (UTC-8) with Sveta Smirnova.

February 15th Webinar, 10am PST (UTC-8)

Basic Internal Troubleshooting Tools for MySQL Server

Percona (https://learn.percona.com/e1t/sc2/Mm-nFbkfRDFW6TSZtT9gB-SvW8m49SV5hYm49W5g777X8wnq25f1CYJMH03 )

Hi Rah,

Please join Percona’s Principal Support Engineer, Sveta Smirnova, as she presents “Basic Internal Troubleshooting Tools for MySQL Server” on February 15, 2018 at 10:00 am PST (UTC-8) / 1:00 pm EST (UTC-5).

Sign Up ► (https://learn.percona.com/e1t/sc2/Mm-nFbkfRDFW6TSZtT9gB-SvW8m49SV5hYm49W5g777X8wnq25f1CYJMH13 )

MySQL Server has many built-in troubleshooting tools. They are always available and can provide many insights on what is happening internally.

Many graphical tools, such as Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), use built-ins to get data for their nice graphs. Even if you are only going to use graphical tools, it is always good to know what data they can collect so you can see their limitations and won't have incorrect expectations in the heat of battle.

Built-in troubleshooting tools are accessible via SQL commands. Most of them are standard across the server, but details are component-specific.

In this webinar I will discuss how to use them, how to troubleshoot component-specific issues and how to find additional information.

I will cover SHOW commands, Information Schema, status variables and few component-specific syntaxes.

I will NOT cover Performance Schema (there will be a separate webinar on that), and I will use PMM graphs to illustrate the topics whenever possible.

If you can't attend this webinar live, register (https://learn.percona.com/e1t/sc2/Mm-nFbkfRDFW6TSZtT9gB-SvW8m49SV5hYm49W5g777X8wnq25f1CYJMH23 ) anyway and we'll send you a link to the recording.

We hope to see you on Thursday!

8081 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 330

United States

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